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Dutch High Tech Systems (DutchHTS) is the online cross-media platform that focuses on sharing knowledge and information concerning the Dutch high-tech industry. Since 2010, HTS media B.V. hosts the website DutchHTS.nl, the High Tech Systems group on LinkedIN, #dutchhts on Twitter and @dutchhts on Facebook.

Moreover, HTS media publishes the DutchHTS news overview as well as an overview of high-tech vacancies on a weekly basis. The news overview incorporates both national and international high-tech news, reports from Dutch high-tech companies, product launches and events. The high-tech vacancy overview highlights the latest vacancies by placing them in the spotlight position and it lists the other vacancies in a category befitting the specific job profile. To read two recent editions, please click on the links listed below. Each overview reaches over 40,000 high-tech professionals every week.

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Extensive Visibility for High-Tech Companies

HTS media does not employ journalists, as we want to do things differently than the traditional media. We feel that journalists and companies affiliated with DutchHTS through a membership already write a great deal of high quality content and we would like to give them the credit that they deserve for doing so.

Our task is to create extensive online visibility for these companies and to reach thousands of high-tech professionals by publishing their news items, product launches and free events in our weekly news overview.

Marketplace for the Dutch High-Tech Industry

Mid 2016, a marketplace for high-tech companies was launched on DutchHTS.nl. With this portal, all employees of companies affiliated with DutchHTS will have unlimited access to:

  • highlight their new products and services
  • search for new or alternative suppliers
  • pose questions on technical issues

Recruiting High-Tech Staff

Would you like to recruit candidates or new employees in a straightforward and effective manner? Our High-Tech Jobs Portal and our weekly high-tech vacancy overview offer the solution. Through these channels you will be able to access a unique niche of high-tech professionals specialised in:

• Analysis • Application Engineering • Automation • Cost Engineering · Electronics · ICT · Improvement Engineering · Industrial Engineering • Manufacturing Technology • Material Technology • Mechanical • Mechatronics • Optics • Physics • Precision Engineering • Process Control • Process Engineering · Procurement • Product Development · Product Engineering · Production Engineering • Project Management • Proposal Engineering • Quality Engineering • R&D • Sales Engineering • Service Engineering • Software • Standardization • Supply Chain Engineering • Teaching

Posting high-tech vacancies does not require a membership. You can post vacancies on an individual basis with a fixed term of 8 weeks or by using a vacancy slot. This vacancy slot gives you the opportunity to bring vacancies to the attention of possible candidates and to change the vacancy posted in the slot at any given time.

About this Company Page

On this company page you can find videos about our products and our unique working methods, information about our rates, as well as an overview of our esteemed customers.

Ready to get started? By clicking the ‘Order’ button next to the required product in the rates overview you can easily place your order. You will, of course, first receive a quote for the product you selected, which you can consequently approve.

Naturally, you can also combine our products. Please contact us and allow us to create the best combination suited to your requirements.

HTS-media’s Team

HTS-media’s activities are made possible by a small team of professionals. We work in close collaboration with employees from affiliated companies, with recruiters who wish to post high-tech vacancies on our website and with our business partners.

Since setting up business in 2010, HTS has operated as a virtual network organisation and this suits us perfectly. Founder Johan van Seggelen is still actively involved with HTS-media. Today, he primarily focuses on the development of new products.

We hope to welcome you as a new client in the near future and we look forward to a successful collaboration!

Products and way of working



Supply and demand






725per year
  •  Your profile on the DutchHTS.nl company page.
  • Your news, product introductions and events with free access on DutchHTS.nl and in our weekly news overview by mail reaching 40,000+ high-tech professionals.
  • All your employees have unlimited access to our supply and demand page  for promotion of new products and services, finding new or alternative suppliers and for asking technical questions.

Individual job posting

  •  Job posing with a fixed duration of 8 weeks.
  •  Spotlight position in the first week on the DutchHTS.nl jobs page and in our weekly jobs overview by mail reaching 40.000+ high-tech professionals.
  •  In the remaining 7 weeks your job is included in our weekly jobs overview by mail via a category that fits the function profile.

Job slot

995per year
  •  Posting jobs all year.
  • The job in the slot can be replaced whenever desired (no fixed duration).
  •  When a job is replaced the new one is placed automatically in the spotlight position on the DutchHTS.nl jobs page and in our weekly jobs overview by mail reaching 40,000+ high-tech professionals.
  •  In the following weeks the job is included in our weekly jobs overview by mail via a category that fits the function profile.
  •  Maintenance of your job slot is completely provided by us. The only thing you need to do is submit us the new function profiles.


360per month
  •  Your banner is placed on the DutchHTS.nl homepage, the company page, the jobs page, the supply and demand page, the events page,  in our news overview and in our jobs overview. Each overview reaches over 40,000 high-tech professionals every week.
  •  Your banner is visible all the time (not placed in a carrousel).


Feel free to contact us via info@dutchhts.nl for additional information or for a customised quotation.

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